Uniqueness And Benefits Of French Roast Coffee

French roast coffee beans are simply the longest roasted beans of all coffee beans. They are also known as double roasted coffee. French roast coffee is a popular form of bean. Some may see it as too much to handle, in terms of flavor. Those who understand what French roasting does to the beans will appreciate the uniqueness of the process. There are multiple benefits that come from French roasting the coffee beans. These benefits include the flavour and smell.
  • The Flavour
French roast is the darkest roast available for coffee beans. The flavor is defined as smoky. It may also be defined as sweet by some, depending on the roast. The unique flavor comes from the process of French roasting. The coffee beans are allowed to roast for three to four minutes past the ìfull roastî stage. French roast is known for having the most robust flavor. It gives off the strongest flavor of any other roast. Those who like a strong flavor will enjoy a French roast coffee.
  • The Smell
French roast beans have a unique smell because of the roasting process. The smoky flavor is seen in the aroma of the beans. This is due to the actual smoking of the beans when they are French roasted. The beans also take on a unique look. While full roast beans are dark, French roast beans the darkest. They take on a pure black look that separates them from the lighter hues of the other varieties. The French roast also gives the beans a unique, shiny look. The beans look like they have been coated with a chemical or oil.
  • Other Varieties

There are other varieties of roasting, and names for those varieties. It can be easy to mix up the different levels of roasts. French roasted beans are also known as double roasted beans. One level down from this roast is the ìfull roastî. This is also known as the Italian espresso roast. Beans can also have a medium roast and light roast. Names of these roasts include American, Brown, and New England.

It is important to try out different roasts to see which roast is best for your palette. Each brand of coffee will have a slightly unique take on the French roast. By trying all varieties, you can figure out the brands that give you the flavor that you enjoy the most.

French roasting a coffee bean simply means that you are roasting it further than other beans. The coffee bean loses its original flavor. It comes into a new flavor and has a distinct personality. To some, this is not a welcome taste. To others, this creates a more unique and interesting coffee brew. The flavor and smell of French roast coffee is different than all other types of coffee. The other varieties of roasting can bring some of the benefits of French roast beans without the extreme flavor change. French roast coffee is a unique way to enjoy your morning coffee.

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