How to start drinking coffee

If you haven't ever had the taste of coffee in your mouth you will need to train your taste buds to this new and intriguing taste. You could start with food and beverages having the taste but not at its highest level.

You could start with coffee flavoured ice-cream. The creamy taste mixed with the coffee flavour will slowly get your taste buds used to coffee.

You could also go for some coffee candies or a coffee cake. There are many ways to taste coffee without going directly to it.

Personally I always enjoyed coffee flavoured ice-cream but never managed to drink coffee until the day at work the vending machine was out of tea and hot cocoa.

The only option was cappuccino! I wouldn't suggest you start from a vending machine as most of the time the coffee isn't the best. But the cappuccino is a nice way to start drinking coffee.

The milk and the ilk foam "round" the coffee flavour. The cappuccino could also be replaced by a latte. The first one is made with two espressos while the second one only with one. Making the taste more mellow.

For me this was a new discovery. 

You could also start with a coffee mixed with some sugar and cream. Once more the objective is to take away part of the "strong" taste of coffee.

You can find various coffee machines which will prepare great lattes and cappuccinos, especially here on Gentlemen's Café!

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