Ethiopian Medium Roast Coffee
Ethiopian Medium Roast Coffee

Ethiopian Medium Roast Coffee

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This organic medium roast coffee comes from Ethiopia. The berries and honey flavor profiles provide a bright, playful entry, with smooth centre notes, and a lingering cocoa finish.

We have selected this brand because they do care about the people. Level Ground Trading's vision is to alleviate poverty in developing countries through Direct Fair Trade. To complete that mission, they trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in developing countries, offering customers ethical choices. 

For this specific coffee Level Ground Trading purchase coffee from the Fero Co-op of the Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Union. The co-op has approximately 3000 member farmers.  The co-op has 3 washing stations several km apart, and 11 buying posts for purchase of cherries. All of the cherries are processed at the three co-op washing stations. Processed coffee is sent via truck to Addis for milling and grading, and then is sent to the port of Djibouti, which is a 600 km drive from Addis.

This delicious coffee is made of the following varieties: Cofea Arábica, bourbon (Ethiopian government seeds) which from at an altitude between 1500 and 2200. They get harvested between October and January.

Certifications: BSC öko-garantie GMBH